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 Shoot Down Harmful Content.

Digital Dome

Every post counts - report harmful content:

Digital Dome - a platform developed by Israeli Tech community for direct reporting to social networks.

Why is it important?

Social networks are a new war front to shift public opinion with lies, hate speech & psychological warfare. We need to protect ourselves by stopping these posts from spreading online.

How do you report?

Paste the link in the form,
we will take care of the rest.

What are they reporting on?

Content that promotes the denial of the massacre, mocking of the kidnapped and victims, support for terrorism, obvious and unfounded lies.

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Our volunteer group is the secret sauce that enables us to scale our operations

  • Who stands behind Digital Dome?
    Digital Dome is a tech initiative: a collaboration between the tech community, former intelligence veterans and in cooperation with Fake Reporter. The initiative was created with the aim of protecting Israeli civil society by creatinng a single spot for people to report malicious content from all social networks.
  • What contents are reported?
    Posts that include harmful content such as incitement, endorsement of violence, racism and unfounded lies, as well as content that promotes the denial of the massacre, mocks hostages or victims of violence, or supports terrorism. Hamas garners public support in the west by weaponizing both the hostages' suffering & Gaszans' tragedy on social media. The Digital Dome initiative is designed to provide a digital iron dome that will protect each and every one of us - and frustrate those who attack us
  • Why is it important to report?
    Social networks are a critical battleground and are flooded with lies and incitement. This content is often distributed by hostile elements and is intended to be a tool to instill fear. Any violent, inciting and false content on social networks is very dangerous, but in times of war it serves as another arena to disrupt public opinion and influence decision makers. The Digital Dome project was established with the aim of protecting civil society precisely against the violent, inciting and false content on social networks.
  • Why report with you and not directly on social networks?
    We have established an integrated platform with technological capabilities, operational workflows combined with analysts and moderators. Using AI capabilities combined with ML, we map malicious and violent content while cross-referencing with additional sources and technological partners in order to prevent the distribution of the content. Through the platform we perform scoring for the content reported to us, while the moderators perform content validation. We have created direct collaborations with social networks in order to share the malicious content and speed up the removal process.
  • Is it necessary to report both with you and on social networks?
    It is also recommended to report the content where it was originally published. This will speed up the removal process. If it is a profile, please find a sample post by that user and paste it, then write in the comments that the profile is problematic for your opinion.
  • What is the treatment process from the moment the report is received?
    Once the form is filled and sent, the information is been populated in our database. Using AI based platform, a scoring and sorting process is undergoing, to identify harmful content. Monitoring is done by a team of moderators for final validation of the harmful content. The harmful conent is reported through an automatic interface to the social platforms for removal.

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